caitlin boyd

jewellery design


made for you, by you.

Create a personalised piece of jewellery in collaboration with Caitlin, under her jewellery design direction. Each piece begins with a conversation in order to obtain the style, interests and needs of the client.

Taking this information into consideration, Caitlin then designs and sketches a unique jewellery piece which upon client satisfaction, personally hand makes in her Sydney based studio. Utilising only the highest quality standards and materials sourced from a select group of trusted Australian suppliers, the piece is created.

For more examples of handmade custom jewellery pieces, including engagement, wedding, anniversary and upcycled rings, earrings and pendants, head to caitlin boyd jewellery design’s Instagram



Caitlin Boyd is a Sydney-based contemporary jeweller and keen believer in the originality of the handmade. She loves nothing more than starting with a blank sheet of metal and transforming it into a personalised jewellery piece. Graduating with a Bachelor of Design / Art Education at UNSW Art and Design, her best months (when not behind the bench) were spent on exchange at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences. Exposure to new art and design experiences through travel help enhance her practice and understanding of the jewellery world.